Just Chains

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Just Chains:

  • As the name says, here you will find a huge collection of metal chain sound effects. Different kinds and sizes of chains were hit, pulled, dropped, shaken, rattled, whipped and hung up and jingled.
    Some examples for the usage of those sounds are: morning star swings / whips, horror ambiences, Treasure chest digging, money bags, gold coins, any kind of metal chain movements, metal chain hoists, footsteps/movement add-ons (e.g. chain mails), and many more…
    These sounds also suite perfect as sound design elements for e.g. impact

  • No matter if it’s your Video-Game -or Movie-Project whenever there is a jingling metal chain sound needed … you’ll find it here

Number of files: 973 Files
Quality: 96Khz /24 Bit
Total Size: 4,5 GB



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Just Chains

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Just Chains
35,00  10,50  excl. tax