1. Each Starter Pack contains an appropriate selection of sounds from its original library.
  2. The price of each Starter Pack is 10€
  3. So you can directly try out and work with the sounds of any SoundBits | Sound Effects Library at very low costs. You don’t have to pay twice, if you decide to upgrade to the original library sometime later.
  4. Along with the download-link of a purchased Starter-Pack comes a coupon, that grants you a 10€ discount off the corresponding original library. 
  5. Each upgrade-coupon is limited to be used once per user. 
  6. You can get all Starter Packs with the “Starter Pack | Complete Bundle“ for a special bundle-pricing.
  7. If you already purchased several Starter Packs, you can use these in conjunction on the “STARTER PACKS | COMPLETE BUNDLE