Scooter SFX | ’94 Piaggio Sfera 50cc

35,00  excl. tax


This library brings you a comprehensive Sound Effects collection of a 94 Piaggio Sfera roller scooter and its 50cc 2-stroke engine.
You get everything you need to bring any scooter scene to life. Electric- and kick-start ignition, idle- and steady-driving loops, idle mixtures, pass-by, approach, pull-away and brake as well as well as several foley sounds for helmet, kick-stand, trunk and kickstarter.
And of course lots of diverse on-board driving sounds.

Source sounds were recorded on a Sound Devices MixPre-6 with a Sennheiser MKH 8050 + MKH 30 M/S rig and a MKH 8060.

All sounds have embedded BWF Metadata.

Number of files: 200 Files
Quality: 96kHz and 48kHz 24bit Stereo and Mono
Total Size: 1,06 GB


Metadata embedded by “The Audioville – India”