Computer Sound FX 2.0

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Computer Sound FX 2.0

  • The “Computer Sound FX 2“ Sound Effects Library from SoundBits contains over 1000 designed computer interface-, noise-, glitch-, alarm-, bleep-, processing-, loading-, interaction-, malfunction-, access-, and 8-Bit-Sound Effects
  • From simple select and confirm-sounds to more complex loops and processing one shots and alarms, you’ll find a large and composite collection of sound effects to give your interface or animation the right sonic-treatment.
  • The Sounds are devided in the following categories:
    • Menu
      • Access Granted | Confirm
      • Select
      • Access Denied
      • Open
      • Close
    • Loading Processing
      • Loops
      • OneShots
    • Glitch | Malfunction
    • Mechanic
    • Retro | 8-Bit
    • Alarms
  • The sounds are perfect for your (mobile-)game-, multimedia-, music- or movie-project
  • All sounds are delivered as BWF tagged, 24Bit, 96kHz wav-files

Number of files: 1007 Files
Quality: 96Khz /24bit
Total Size: 972,6 MB



Also available for “Reformer” by Krotos Audio: