Electro-Mechanics ToolKit

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The “Electro-Mechanics ToolKit” Sound Effects Collection features a wide range of versatile electric and some mechanic motors, engines, tools and toys.
Many different grinders, drills, screwdrivers, buzz saws, sanders, kitchen tools, electric and mechanic toys, CD-drives, doors, and much more. All waiting to be cut up, layered, edited and mangled with FX to become spaceship engines, robot movements, sci fi doors, weapon mechanics and anything that moves by electricity.

This library is not meant to be a comprehensive tools library but rather a composite toolkit to bring futuristic electro-mechanic machines, devices, weapons, vehicles, … sonically to life.

All sounds in this pack were recorded with up to 4 mics and mixed to give a full and rich sound. All cleaned and edited for direct use in your productions.
Check the following content list, to see what’s inside:

Number of files: 700 Files
Quality: 96kHz and 192 kHz / 24bit / Stereo and mono
Total Size: 5.1 GB


Also available for “Reformer” by Krotos Audio: