Abstract Ambiences

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The “Abstract Ambiences” is a collaboration of SoundBits and Monte Sound.

This bundle offers you a collection of abstract and surreal ambiences, ready to be used in your next production. Wether in surround or stereo, this kit will be sure to please. The bundle offers a full mix, as well as a construction kit to mix and match the stems as you wish, giving you maximum flexibility in post production.
All sounds are delivered in 96kHz / 24bit. All sounds are royalty free.

Think of movies like “Alien”, “Event Horizon” “or games like “Dead Space”, “Doom” or “Bioshock”. But you will also get the right feel and idea for other disturbing-cyberpunk and unsettling industrial dark spaces.
A symbiosis of organic original field-recordings like Room Tones, Construction Sites, Traffic, Fun-Fair, Motors, … and synthetic elements like spectral- and granular synthesis.

  • 60 ready-to-use abstract ambiences in 5.0 surround
  • Stereo Downmixes of all ambiences included!
  • All files with 2:30 Minutes length
  • Perfectly balanced Surround Sounds for easy integration in games, movies and more
  • Categories:
    Doomed Soundscapes, Dark Drones, Futuristic Dungeons, Alien Worlds, SciFi Horror, Weird Radio Messages and Interference and Disturbing and Terrifying Noises, Eerie Textures & more
Files 120 (60 in 5.0 + 60 in 2.0 Stereo)
Size 18,1 GB
Quality 24 Bit | 96 kHz
Metadata YES
Channels 2.0 Stereo | 5.0 Surround
Duration 300 Minutes (2.0 + 5.0)

Metadata by the Audioville Chennai

You only want a smaller amount of sounds from this library? Then get its 10€ Starter Pack.
With each Starter-Pack comes a coupon, that grants you a 10€ discount off the corresponding original library.
So you don’t pay twice, if you decide to upgrade to the original library sometime later.

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Abstract Ambiences
39,00  excl. tax
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