Field test: Beyerdynamic DT-240 Pro

As a field recordist it is crucial to attentively listen to what you record before and while you record it since there’s quite a difference between what your microphones capture to what you actually hear with your plain ears. That for we need good headphones to monitor and evaluate what we record. But what is …

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Sound Effects variations in Nuendo 7

This is a quick video on how to create a vast amount of sounds effects variations in no time. Using Steinberg Nuendos “Loop Automation” mode, “Create Initial Parameter Events” and “Cycle Marker Export” and the random functions  of Zynaptiqs “Wormhole” and “ReShape FX” from AudioGaming. Of course you can try this with any other effects plugin or …

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SoundBits SFX for Music Production pt. 2

Here comes the 2nd production from composer Kai Schröer (The Wild Tusker Music Production). Again he used lots of SoundBits | Sound Effects for further sound design, sfx, ambience, transitions and hits to spice up this production. Hear for yourself:

In the “naked” version you can hear a mix that focused only on the Sound Effects that Kai used. Have a listen:

Sounds from the following Sound Effects Libraries were used in this track:


Whooshes & Impacts 2


Computer Sound Effects 2


 Dark Sci Fi Drones


Just Transitions – Sci Fi Movement

Just Impacts – Designed

Ultra Mobile Fieldrecording Kit

Here’s just a little  recommendation for super-mobile-light-wight-Fieldrecording: There are so many situations where I really want to have a Fieldrecorder with me but it’s impossible or inappropriate – or when I am just too lazy – to take the big rig with me (SD 744T, SD MicPre-D, several Mics, Blimps, Stands, …). Meanwhile – fortunately …

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