USB HUB Life Hack

Anybody who is working on audio projects en route on a laptop know the problem. You have your Stuff like 1-2 iLoks, Steinberg Key, mouse receiver and so on connected to a USB HUB.
And it is this USB HUB that gets mangled up with other wires like your headphones and connected Audio-Interfaces. Or you have to switch position. Like when i am the office and have to go to the classroom for lecturing. Either i have to disconnect the HUB and close all the running programs or i have to be carful so it does not fall of the laptop.

So, i came up with this idea: Self-adhesive Velcrco® fastener on a USB HUB

Put one side on your HUB the other side is placed somewhere on the back of the laptop screen. Done!

Now you easily can fasten the HUB with all it’s connected Keys, Sticks or whatever to your laptop.

IMAG0714 IMAG0715