Ultra Mobile Fieldrecording Kit

ee_3Here’s just a little  recommendation for super-mobile-light-wight-Fieldrecording:
There are so many situations where I really want to have a Fieldrecorder with me but it’s impossible or inappropriate – or when I am just too lazy – to take the big rig with me (SD 744T, SD MicPre-D, several Mics, Blimps, Stands, …). Meanwhile – fortunately – there are many quite good handy recorders from Zoom, Tascam, Sony and others. In my case it’s a “Sony PCM-D100” which I really like.
Of course – like most handy recorders- it’s totally useless when used without an appropriate grip handle and suspension because of too much handling noise.  decided for the “Rycote Portable Recorder Suspension” and the “Grip Extension Handle” also from Rycote. These are quite expensive but worth every penny. What I was missing was a small stand with a 3/8″ thread that would easily fit into my jacket pocket and is instantly operational.
I think i found a near perfect solution with the “K&M 231/1” table stand. The special about this is the little 3/8 inch screw that can easily be plugged into the stand itself and which can then be folded around the Grip Extension Handle.
This way I have everything with me recording sound effects holding the recorder shock protected in hand or catching ambiences by placing it anywhere on the stand (with or without the grip handle) in just a second. Without carrying an extra Bag with me. Works good for stealth recording.


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