Sound Effects variations in Nuendo 7

This is a quick video on how to create a vast amount of sounds effects variations in no time. Using Steinberg Nuendos “Loop Automation” mode, “Create Initial Parameter Events” and “Cycle Marker Export” and the random functions  of Zynaptiqs “Wormhole” and “ReShape FX” from AudioGaming. Of course you can try this with any other effects plugin or …

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PlugIn Tip: Spectral Autopan

Spectral Autopan   Here is a nice little free PlugIn that i want to share with you. This slumbered for a while on my hard drive. It comes in very handy whnever yu need more, natural (or surrealistic) stereo-width. It is also very usefull if you want to have some more motion and modulation in yur …

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Fieldrecording Life Hack

                      I am often alone in the field recording with my ZOOM recorders and RØDE mics. Mostly without any mic stands, jumping from sound to sound, recording on the fly. I always had to decide if want to record the following sounds in stereo, or mono …

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