Spring Sale 2022

Hi *|FNAME|*,
here comes the SoundBits | SPRING SALE 2022!
Fully loaded with great deals on all sound effects LIBRARIES, BUNDLES and STARTER-PACKS and a slightly eggxagerated  teaser video.
The sale ends May 31st
“EGGxageratedness” – THE SPRING SALE 2022 | TEASER VIDEO
The “SoundBits | Sound Effects seasonal sales video series” accidentally started in summer 2020, with my first animated promotional teaser-video “Goodbye Summer”.  Meanwhile, several similar creations have joined the party, with mostly things and letters as actors, in these super-short and action-driven, mostly abstract yet entertaining, emotional joyrides. 
Taking care of every creative and technical aspect of the production, from the initial Idea/Concept to 3D-Design and -Animation (Blender), followed by compositing (Adobe After Effects), to finally become complete by coalescing with Sound Design, Music (Steinberg Nuendo). 
I hope you like it and that the specifically triggered light- and sound effects, make you to submissively spend big-time in the SoundBits | Spring Sale 2022 (ending May 31st)

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Animated Teasers for the Seasonal SoundBits | Sound Effects Sales

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