Spring SALE 2017 ending soon…

SoundBits | Spring Sale ending soon…

There are only a few days left to save

50% on any SoundBits | Sound Effects Library

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The Sale starts NOW and ends April 30th!
If you prefer to purchase your sounds at there SoundBits partners “A Sound Effect” or “Sonniss” – no problem. Just click on the banners below. All prices at “A Sound Effect” are already set to -50% at Sonniss you can use this coupon to get -50% OFF.

In case you missed one. Here are all SoundBits | Sound Effects releases so far (excluding several exclusive works for Samplephonics, Sound Ideas and Audio Imperia):

Abstract Ambiences (+ Construction Kit)
Buttons, Switches & Levers
Cinematic Hits &Transitions
Cinematic Hits & Transitions 2
Collected Ambiences (Volume 1-9)
Computer Sound FX
Computer Sound FX 2.0
Dark Sci Fi Drones (+ Construction Kit)
Drag & Slide
Electric Typewriters
Electro-Mechanics ToolKit
Filthy One Shots (1&2)Filthy Rhythms
Just Ambience – Constructions Sites
Just ChainsJust GoreJust Gore – AddOn
Just Impacts – Designed
Just Impacts – Extension I
Just Impacts – Extension II
Just Impacts – Processed
Just Impacts – Simple
Just Metal – Scrapes and Scratches
Just Metal – Squeaks and Moans
Just Transitions – Creepy Trailers
Just Transitions – SciFi Movement
Just Whoosh
Just Whoosh 2Just Whoosh 3 – Whoosh Essentials
Open & Close
Pass-By – Tains, Trucks & CarsScreams & ShoutsScreams & Shouts 2 – Humans
Screams &Shouts 2 – Monsters
The Blacksmith
Unsettling Creaks and Squeaks
Unsettling Creaks and Squeaks – Extensions I
Whooshes & ImpactsWhooshes & Impacts 2
Whooshes & Impacts 2 – Elements

Free SFX Packs:
Beatbox OneshotsJust DSLRMangled ScreamsSoundBits | Free SFXStylophone Instrument