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thank you for being a loyal subscriber to the SoundBits | Newsletter.
Over the last few months, I focused on quality management, maintanance and revision of many sections of SoundBits, to maintain consistency and quality, as well as to improve the general user experience and customer satisfaction.
Below, you’ll find an overview of the cosmetic improvements and what’s been tweaked under the hood.

Website & Shop

Additional Payment Methods

In addition to PayPal, it is now possible to pay via Apple Pay and Google Pay (both with optional express checkout directly from a product page), Credit Card and several very popular country-specific payment methods.

Products Wishlist

It is now possible to save your products of interest for later and add a note, if you like.
And you can share your Wishlist on Facebook, Twitter, via Email or direct link.

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New Product-Bundle System

The new system for bundled products grants much more transparency on the products. The library product pages now also show, in which bundles the library can be found.

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Return of the Complete | Bundle

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It’s finally back in the SoundBits | Shop!
The Complete | Bundle brings you all currently available SoundBits | Sound Effects Libraries in one huge bundle, while saving you EUR 630,60€, compared the sum of its components.

Updated Collected Ambiences Bundle

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Collected Ambiences | Construction Sites has been added to the Collected Ambiences Bundle.
This update is free for existing customers!

Restructured Navigation & Revised Portfolio

For a better overview, the SoundBits | Shop The “Work”-Portfolio page was split into 3 sub-sections:


Audio Post

A selection of my sound design, editing and mixing work for many kinds of moving pictures, screencasts, tutorials and sound effects libraries.


Creating (mostly electronic) music has been my loyal companion ever since my expedition down the rabbit hole, to the farthest corners of the underlying maze.
Be it with my former bands Reimstoff and RTR TecRap, the various remixes and commisssioned works, or most recently, the project MAROESK by me, myself and my significant other.



— “Sound is 50% of the movie-going experience” —

This quote by George Lucas implies conversely, that pictures cover the other half. Both woven into each other by story and staging. This concept applies 100% to my philosophy and drives my creative ventures. It’s the symbiosis of sound and picture, the whole audio-visual experience that I’m devoted to.
whether it is creating the artworks for every SoundBits | Sound Effects library and assets for visual promotion, or web design, 3D modelling and animation.
This not only quenches the creative thirst of my mind, but also is extremely helpful for client communication.
After focusing more and more on the sonic side of things for a while, I used these last two years of introvert heaven, to broaden my scope, and turn this one-trick pony into a master of some.



This is one thing, I barely ever pursued…
If you are a happy customer and user, I’d love to to hear your thoughts, experiences and feedback  on working with SoundBits | Sound Effects, as well as about the projects, they were used in.

Remastered Sound Effects Libraries

To maintain a consistent quality throughout the whole SoundBits catalog, all 5 earlier libraries have been completely remastered. This update is free for existing customers! Just in case of any missing download links, although you had purchased one or more of the original libraries in the past.

New Artwork Thumbnail New Artwork Thumbnail New Artwork Thumbnail New Artwork Thumbnail New Artwork Thumbnail

Adoption of the Uinversal Category System

All libraries are now compliant with the UCS

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“The Universal Category System (UCS) is a public domain initiative by Tim Nielsen, Justin Drury, Kai Paquin, among others, and supported by sound librarians, vendors, and users from around the globe.[…] It offers a framework for consistent categorization of sound effects, offer uniformity in a filename structure, and ease the pain of maintaining a sound effects library.”

For more information about the Universal Category System, visit the UCS website.

New library content spreadsheets and EULAs

Accordingly, all metadata spreadsheets have been updated as well and got a new look.

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Redesigned Artworks

I revised the Artworks of 10 libraries and 6 Bundles to match the overall vibrant artwork look.

New Artwork Thumbnail New Artwork Thumbnail New Artwork Thumbnail New Artwork Thumbnail New Artwork Thumbnail New Artwork Thumbnail New Artwork Thumbnail New Artwork Thumbnail New Artwork Thumbnail New Artwork Thumbnail New Artwork Thumbnail New Artwork Thumbnail New Artwork Thumbnail New Artwork Thumbnail New Artwork Thumbnail New Artwork Thumbnail

Naming Adjustments

Five librarie names have been adjusted for improved consistency:

Unsettling Creaks & Squeaks | Extension
Unsettling Creaks & Squeaks 2
Just Ambience | Construction Sites
Collected Ambiences | Construction Sites
Glitch FX | Percussion Sounds 01
Percussive Glitch FX 01
Glitch FX | Percussion Sounds 02
Percussive Glitch FX 02
Just Impacts | Simple
Just Impacts | Basic

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