Unsettling Creaks & Squeaks Bundle
For Reformer Pro

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Unsettling Creaks & Squeaks Bundle – For Krotos Reformer
The Unsettling Creaks & Squeaks Bundle by Soundbits provides you with a large collection of squeaks, creaks, and eerie unsettling sounds for your next horror project.

Both the popular Soundbits Unsettling Creaks & Squeaks Libraries have been bundled together and fully adapted to bring this collection to you for a straight out-of-the-box workflow in Reformer Pro. Covering door and furniture squeaks, creaking leather, rubber and balloons, dry ice, disturbing metal, and much more, give your next project that desired unpleasant and eerie character!

Featuring 44 Libraries and 707 files, this bundle offers a wide-ranging 2.26 GB selection of professionally designed and recorded royalty-free SFX components, ideal for any trailer, horror, post-production, game-audio, and sound design project.

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Library Information:

  • 44 Libraries
  • 707 Audio Files
  • 2.26 GB
  • High-Quality Wav Files
  • 24 bit/96 kHz
  • Royalty-Free Commercial License

This library was built specifically for Reformer Pro, and includes 6 ‘micro-libraries’, made of performable sub-sections of the larger library:

  • Balloon Creaks
  • Door Creaks
  • Leather Creaks
  • Metal Creaks
  • Wood Creaks
  • Rubber Creaks
  • Plastic Bottle Creaks
  • Dry Ice Creaks
  • And so many more!

This library does not require a special iLok License or any license key to use it. If you intend to use this library outside of Reformer Pro, no license key or activation of any kind is required. You will require a license for Reformer Pro to use it within the plugin.


SoundBits Unsettling Creaks & Squeaks Library Metadata

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Unsettling Creaks & Squeaks Bundle
For Reformer Pro
79,00  excl. tax