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This sound effects compilation is a composite and versatile collection of sounds that feature various objects that were pushed, pulled, dragged, moved. Sliding and scraping over different surfaces.
This will come in very handy for all kinds of film- and video game productions.
Think of moving different objects with your character in a game or the protagonist in in a film dragging a body on forest floor to name just a few examples.
You can use the sounds as they are or use them for intense sound design.
All sounds were cleaned, edited and filled with BWF-Metadata for instant use in your projects.
Recorded with: Sound Devices 744T, 788T, Sennheiser MKH8050, Ambient ATE208, Sony PCM-D100

Number of files: 528 Files (550++ sounds)
Quality: 96kHz / 24bit / Stereo
Total Size: 1,17GB



Also available for “Reformer” by Krotos Audio:

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36,00  18,00  excl. tax