Just Impacts – Extension 2

40,00  20,00  excl. tax



  • Just Impacts – Extension 2” features 500 sound effects of mainly metal and wood impacts, metal junk hits, crashes, heavy door slams, metal drops, metal wall and oil tank hits, …

  • All sounds were recorded with a RODE NTG-3, a RODE NT-4 and a Beyerdynamic MC950 microphone on a Sound Devices 744T (+ SD MixPre-D). Each sound was heavily edited and cleaned. So there is no noise or other unwanted sounds. The sounds were layered, EQed and compressed for that extra punch. So they can be instantly used to sonically treat your medieval and sci fi battles, fighting and walking robots and anything else that needs some heavy metal treatment.

    You can use the sounds right away. No further editing needed. But you can of course…

Number of files: 500 Files
Quality: 96kHz / 24bit / Stereo
Total Size: 650 MB

Just Impacts – Extension 2
40,00  20,00  excl. tax