HD – Metallic Sounds


Contributed several hundred tracks for this sound effects library from Sound Ideas:
HD – Metallic Sounds sound effects library is a high definition set of 304 specialty sound effects selected from Sound Ideas General HD 3 collection. All digitally recorded at 24 bit / 96 k, these broadcast wav files are fully embedded with metadata. This set is available to purchase and download in your choice 24/96, 24/48, 16/48 or 16/44.1 wav files. The hard drive version of this collection comes equipped with all 4 wav file formats, in your choice of MAC or PC compatible hard drive. Includes Metallic Sliding, Dragging, Squeaking, Spilling, Rattling, Scratching, Creaking, Scraping, Tearing and Grinding – these outstanding specialty sound effects need to be heard to be believed. Only available from Sound Ideas: HD – Metallic Sounds.

Sound Effects include:
  • Scraping Mechanical Clanks
  • Gritty Grinding Swipes
  • Jerky & Squeaking Metallic Slides
  • Massive Metal Door Foley
  • Pressurized Metallic Creaks

Label: Sound Ideas

  • 304 royalty free sound effects
  • Digitally recorded audio files in stereo at 24 bit / 96 kHz
  • Available for Download as 16/44.1, 16/48, 24/48 or 24/96 broadcast wav files
  • Each hard drive includes all 4 wav file formats
  • Broadcast wav files fully embedded with metadata
HD – Metallic Sounds – Audio Preview


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HD – Metallic Sounds