Bowling | Sound Effects

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Well, the name of this sound effects library speaks for itself.
Of course, it’s a tragic but also action packed story of a bunch of heavy, shiny balls who went out to take vengeance upon a group of scraggy, scallywags and their leader Kingpin – for some reason. The plan was as simple as genius: rounding up, pin down and strike hard, that pale, red-scarfed scum in a blind alley. But there was one thing they hadn’t reckoned with: Regardless how brutal and how many times the enemies were struck to the ground, some kind of cursed, evil machinery re-arranged each and every one of them in rank and file.

Long story short…
You get a comprehensive and versatile collection of 10-Pin and 9-Pin (Skittles) Bowling Sound Effects. All recorded at “Bowling Arena“ in Stuttgart, Germany. Of course without any public business.
Additionally you’ll get several close up recordings from behind the curtain of the machinery that re-racks the pins. Including seamless mechanical loops, full re-rack cycles from different perspectives and of course lots of bowling ball pass bys, pin hits and some gutterballs.Each sound was thoroughly edited and cleaned for direct use in any kind of audiovisual project.
Clear naming and embedded BWF- and Soundminer Metadata grants clarity as well as fast and reliable search results.

Files 345
Size 3,26 GB
Quality 24 Bit | 96 kHz
Metadata YES
Channels Stereo | Mono (5.1 and FOA)

You only want a smaller amount of sounds from this library? Then get its 10€ Starter Pack.
With each Starter-Pack comes a coupon, that grants you a 10€ discount off the corresponding original library.
So you don’t pay twice, if you decide to upgrade to the original library sometime later.

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