You now can find the new STARTER PACKSin the SoundBits | Shop. 
A very comfortable and beneficial way to directly try out and work with SoundBits | Sound Effects in your projects.

What is a Starter Pack?

  • Each STARTER PACK contains a selection of sounds from its original library. 
  • The price of each STARTER PACK is 10€ (excl. tax). 
  • You can upgrade each STARTER PACK to the original library anytime.
    Along with any purchased Starter-Pack comes a coupon, that grants you a 10€ discount on the corresponding original library. 
    So you don’t pay twice!
  • Get all Starter Packs with the STARTER PACKS | COMPLETE BUNDLE for a special bundle-pricing.
  • If you already purchased several STARTER PACKS, you can use all coupons in conjunction on the “STARTER PACKS | COMPLETE BUNDLE

You can get them all at once with the
…and save 194€ (20%), compared to buying all single STARTER PACKS 
It contains a selection of sounds from all 77 libraries and categories but with less variations per sound/category.
Still you get over 4800 files / 50 GB of high quality sound effects at hand. And as you would expect it from a bundle-pricing, it is not just the sum of its bundled products prices.

To keep up the spirit of the single Starter Packs, you also get a 10,00 € off coupon for each bundled library, so nothing’s lost if you decide to upgrade one or more libraries.
If you would like to upgrade the whole bundle to the 
COMPLETE BUNDLE 2019 at once you can get a corresponding coupon on request.