Review: “La Petite Excite” – [Free] VST/AU plugin

just a few day ago Attila Fodor, Sound Designer from LA, sent me a link to his new free VST/AU plugin “La Petite Excite“.
It is a very powerful low frequency and high frequency exciter.
I use these kinds of plugins a lot for sound design. For example Waves, Vitamine, LoAir or iZotope Ozone Exciter. Though i already have several of these plugins “La Petite Excite” will definitely have it’s place in my daily goto plugins for sound design.
“Low” gives you accurate control of the fullness of the low end and “High” brings in the high frequencies without becoming too harsh. “CV” adds a little ducking to the higher frequencies to have better control. “Noise Floor” – as the name suggests – adds some subtile noise.
This new little fella has its own sound and spices up my sounds.

Get more information and your FREE copy of “La Petite Excite” here:

La Petite Excite from FIne Cut Bodies
La Petite Excite from FIne Cut Bodies

Get more information and your FREE copy of “La Petite Excite” here:


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